Marketing Automation Introduction

Many posts on this blog are fairly in-depth, so it was fun to write an introduction to Marketing Automation on the blog. For easy digestion, I split up the marketing automation process in four steps:

  1. Getting more visitors to your website
  2. Get more visitors to register
  3. Lead nurturing and scoring
  4. Marketing & Sales Collaboration

In addition to the overview article that I linked to above, I’ve written one post for each step. Those will be published this week and next week. The first article about getting more website visitors is already live.

I’ve heard other definitions of the steps that are more catchy, like “pre-click, post-click and post-conversion”. These are the same steps as my steps 1 to 3. I’ve chosen to write out a description of the steps, because I think that’s easier to understand for people who are new to Marketing Automation. And I’ve added step 4 because collaboration with sales is one of the key success factors of marketing automation.

Anyhow, I hope you find the articles on the blog interesting, even though you may already be a Marketing Automation expert :- )

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