Plugging the Leak in the Middle of the Sales & Marketing Funnel

I’ve recorded an introductory video on lead nurturing and how it can turn more raw leads into qualified leads. Effective lead nurturing will prevent prospects from falling out of the funnel before they are ready to talk to a sales person.

This video is a preview of Tuesday’s webinar “7 Steps to Finding Untapped Revenue in Your Marketing Database“, which covers a comprehensive 7 step process to design a lead nurturing strategy.

The webinar is now available for watching on demand.

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4 thoughts on “Plugging the Leak in the Middle of the Sales & Marketing Funnel

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  2. Ayeen

    Interesting video Jep! I think that the webinar can help a lot of marketing executives and sales reps to have a better understanding of why leads fall in the middle of the funnel. Also great tips on how getting stuck in the middle of the funnel can be prevented.

  3. vanWilgenburgh

    had an identical discussion on this topic with a client a few weeks back, focal point for this discussion was the leaky funnel as a consequently of disconnected systems for emarketing and sales (CRM)

    I like the simplicity of your story in the video …. but where’s the ‘meat’ for the processes in the middle?

  4. Jep Castelein Post author

    Hi Jaco,

    Agree that the leaky funnel can be caused by a disconnect between systems: the entire marketing automation software category is focused on closing that gap, but few companies are using Marketing Automation technology today. In addition I’ve found that marketing & sales don’t always spend enough time together to align their processes.

    This video is a teaser for the webinar, which contains more ‘meat’:

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