Webinar Recording: 7 Steps to Finding Untapped Revenue

This is the recording of the webinar about the 7 Steps to Finding Untapped Revenue in Your Marketing Database, which took place on June 22nd, 2010. Please click the ‘play’ button to start. The total length is 28 minutes.

To see the slides, please visit SlideShare.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction by Jep Castelein
2. 1848 James Marshall Discovers Gold
3. How Much REVENUE Are You Missing Out On?
4. NURTURE Leads to Assure More Revenue
5. 50% of Leads are NOTReady to Make the Jump
6. 23% BUY from a Competitor 6 Months after Initial Inquiry

7. Nurtured Leads Produce 20% MORE Sales Opportunities
8. # 1: COLLABORATE with Sales
9. # 2:CHOOSE the Right Audience
10. # 3: Know them WELL
11. # 4: Provide VALUE
12. # 5: Make OFFERS They Can’t Refuse
13. # 6: HAVE Conversations
14. # 7: Track & MEASURE
15. Case Study
16. The Complete Process
17. Need Help Finding those Gold Nuggets in Your Database? Let’s Talk!
18. Q&A

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3 thoughts on “Webinar Recording: 7 Steps to Finding Untapped Revenue

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  3. Ayeen

    These are really helpful tips Jep! Everything is well covered and with these, progress can easily be monitored and customer concerns can be addressed in a simple and straightforward fashion. I agree with you that nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunities. We also apply similar practices and it makes our clients much more productive. Everything falls into it’s proper place because these few simple steps touch almost every phase of sales and marketing. Thanks! http://bit.ly/ayeen

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