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Today I had a meeting with a representative of Zoomio, a European marketing automation vendor that started in Denmark in 2002. I was curious to learn about their solution, because I’ve heard of Eloqua, Market2Lead, Marketo, and a whole bunch of other demand generation vendors, but never of Zoomio.

Zoomio Marketing Automation

It turns out that Zoomio is mainly doing business in Northern Europe, but they do have 600 customers and 75 employees, so they’re larger than most US-based demand generation vendors. Most US-based vendors have at least half of their customers in the technology sector, but not Zoomio: they have customers across all industries: from travel agencies to car dealerships to software companies.

Their strength is in the definition of the interaction process: they have a flow chart that defines the touch points, which includes call centers and text messaging. Another neat feature is the split in an easy UI for marketers and an advanced UI for marketing specialists. However, they do not support typical B2B features such as lead scoring and Salesforce integration.

We really need those features, so it isn’t a great solution for us. But when they decide to offer lead scoring and a Salesforce integration I will definitely look at them again: especially since their pricing is quite attractive. By that time I hope they also offer US-based support, because currently it’s only offered in mainland Europe.

I’m curious to learn more about Zoomio from actual users: if you use Zoomio, please leave a comment below with some feedback on how you like Zoomio.

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5 thoughts on “Zoomio Review – European Marketing Automation Vendor

  1. Adam Blitzer

    I think you will see a lot more European companies integrate with salesforce.com as their global market share rises. Unfortunately DreamForce Europe was canceled(turned into a one-day event) this year. I have a feeling they will be back in force (no pun intended) next time around.

    You will also see some North American vendors start to look abroad as well. Eloqua, a leading player in the U.S., is certainly starting to make a big push outside of North America given recent hirings in EMEA and APAC.

  2. Joanne

    We have been using Zomio for over a year now and keep finding problems every day. Issues with list managment and HTML problems, amonge others. In the Netherlands we not happy at all with customer service

  3. Albert Porvisorati

    ZOOMIO was a visionary company in the beginning, but never crossed the chasm.

    Looking to their website and comparing it to the sites of leading companies like Eloqua, Marketo or Silverpop it becomes quickly obvious that they never had leadership. ZOOMIO´s marketing (ex. look at videos on youtube from ZOOMIO compared to that of Eloqua) is not existent and this is a typical management problem. Due to this, their success is in northern european contries in “untypical segments” as a result of delivering an application with weak performance and missing “must have functionalities”. Even their own website uses out of date tricky clicky features like pop-ups from entry level provider adimpact.com

    Focusing un-/undereducated customers is probaly the only strategy they can follow, as their very low and only one vc investment (see venturebeatprofiles.com) is probably already running out of fuel.


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